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In-depth Security Audits

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Identify Errors & Risks

Have your code reviewe by Asfalia's team of
Seasoned security experts.

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Remediate Vulnerabilites

Receive reporting and recommendation on
how to remediate vulnerabilites.

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Verify Your Contracts

Prove the correctness of your contract code with highly scalable Formal Verification techniques.

Smart Contract Auditing Process

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Specification Gathering

This is the most crucial stage because the detail is key for a successful smart contract Security audit. Here we will gather the specifications from you to know the intended behavior of smart contract.

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Manual Review

- Verify that every detail in the specification is implemented in smart contract.
- Verify that the contract does not have any behavior that is not specified in specifications.
- Verify that contract does not violate original intended behavior of specifications.

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Manual Testing

- Smart contract will be manually deployed on any of the test network (Ropsten/Rinkeby) using remix IDE.
- All the transaction hashes will be recorded.
- Gas consumptions and behavior of functions also noted.

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Functional Testing

- The smart contract will be manually deployed in a sandbox environment like testnet/mainnet forks, hardhat, ganache, etc
- Smart contract functions will be tested on multiple parameters and under multiple conditions to ensure that all paths of functions are functioning as intended.

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Testing with Automated Tools

Testing with automated tools is important to catch those bugs that humans miss.

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Initial Audit Report

At the end, we would provide you a comprehensive report along with details of audit and steps to cover up with the vulnerabilities if we found any in your contracts.

What's in the audit report?

Our audit reports are custom, thorough, and transparent. The report will classify any identified vulnerabilities by severity (Critical, Medium, Low),
along with suggested remediations. With every successful audit, we'll also provide you with a uniquely certificate that we encourage you to share with pride! You can show as proof of your successful Audit.

We are an agile team of passionate developers

Deliver your report in a timely manner
Efficient and Industry Experts
Affordable cost for startups
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Don't wait until it's too late.

Work with the leading smart contract security audit team to secure your code